Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.

Various (‘Spy’) Products

In this product group, you will find a number of various items which are, more or less, related to the product line in which we are specialized. Here again applies: Our shop collection is considerably more extensive than we show below. If you have questions about a product that is not shown, it may still prove useful to contact us.

N.B.: stated models are order numbers (no model types).

Wandmicrofoon met opname mogelijkheid
Wandmicrofoon met opname mogelijkheid

“Wall-Through” Microphone

Directional shotgun microphone

art. CM-929

The ‘wall microphone’ package is supplied with 2 special microphones:

  1. A stethoscope type wall microphone. According the manufacturers’ specifications, it enables to pick up sounds and conversations through doors, windows or walls, etc. with a thickness up to 25 cm.
  2. A ‘needle type microphone’. This hollow and wired microphone with a length of 10 cm. and a diameter of 1 mm, is connected to the amplifier. The ‘needle’, for example, can be inserted to a wall surface (from outside), a door lock opening, be placed near a window, etc. Discussions can be listened to from outside through the supplied headset.

This is the most effective (wired) audio-surveillance method in case it is impossible or (too) dangerous to enter a room.

The set includes a voice recorder which can be connected to the amplifier. This way, picked-up sounds can be stored on a Micro SD-Card (max. 200 hours) and can be played back or stored on a PC or Laptop. The amplifier, connected to one of the supplied microphones, is provided with volume control and powered by a 3.7 volts lithium battery (25 hours of operating time). Gain amplification: 2000x. Microphone sensitivity: -70db. The amplifier measures 60x40x20 mm. Weight 240 grams.


Note: Of course, interested people should take into account that the final result of this wall-microphone is (partly) determined by the thickness of the partition wall, the material from which it is composed, ambient noises, etc. Therefore, we can never guarantee that this product fully matches your intended purpose(s) in all circumstances.

Directional shotgun microphone

art. PRO-11

A powerful compact sized and light-weight bar-shaped directional microphone listening device provided with (removable) foam rubber wind hood. Enables to pick up and/or to *record sounds and conversations up to hundred meters away under favorable conditions (quiet surroundings). Amplification 30x. The complete set is pictured. Stick length: 41 cm. Dimensions (amplifier unit): 5x7x2 cm. Power source (stick) 1,5 volts battery, amplifier 9 volts battery. Total weight 240 grams. Connection plug: Headset, tape recorder. Store case included.
* = optional.

N.B.: We also supply parabolic directional microphones.

Note: Buyers should be aware that the final result of directional microphones always is determined by circumstances such as distance, ambient noises (traffic, rain, etc.) and (possible) obstacles between microphone and target. Therefore, our shop can never guarantee the final result.

Professionele Portofoon

Professional Transceivers

Anti-eavesdropping (encrypted)

art. CD-A8

A powerful and solid “high-end” transceiver featuring a reliable communication range. This customized product is provided with a so-called “Voice Encryption Function”. By pushing a button, you and your partner(s) can communicate confidentially without running the risk that outsiders can intercept and monitor the contents of your conversation.
Double security: normal encryption and enhanced encryption. The ‘man in the middle’ is not able to decipher the communication without the correct and unique software. These encryption techniques have been developed by Motorola. The transmitting range is strongly depending on local circumstances (read: obstructions). Inside concrete buildings, the range varies from 10 to 17 floors. Between high buildings from 300 to 1000 meters. Between vehicles on highways 1 to 2 km and in open environments (without obstacles) the range may vary from 2 to 6 km.

Mentioned ranges with reservation from which you cannot derive any rights.

Below you will find some specifications:

Frequency range: VHF 136 -174 MHz. / UHF 400 – 480 MHz.
Transmitting power: 10 Watts
Number of channels: 16
Channel spacing: 25KHz/12.5KHz.
Operating voltage: DC 7.4 Volt
Dimensions: 150x65x39 mm. (without antenna)
Weight: 340 grams (incl. battery).
Set includes rechargeable battery and docking station

Optional: handsfree headset

Mini Oproepsysteem (pagers)

Mini-sized Personal Message Pager

art. LP-02D-V

Wireless mini-selective pager system. Consists of 3-channel mini- transmitter and 1, 2 or 3 paging radio receivers which can be remotely activated individually ór simultaneously. Receivers feature (selectable) beep-tone, melody or (silent) vibration warning signal. Applications are discotheques, festivals, escort, security activities, surprise attack warning signal, etc. False alarm impossible. Range max. 300 meters. Runs on standard batteries. Stand-by time 24 months. Operating frequencies 280-310 MHz. Sizes: 7x3x1 cm. (transmitter), 7×4,5×1,5 cm (pagers).

Mobile loud alarm system

(runs 2 years on one set of batteries)

art. LU-2021

This set consists of 4 units:
* Wireless I.R. alarm detector
* Wireless alarm receiver
* Wired loud siren
* Wireless remote control unit

The I.R. alarm detector can be set up in any room and at any location. The device runs 2 years on óne set of batteries. In case of motion, the I.R. detector remotely triggers the alarm receiver (range about 100 meters) which is powered by 4 penlight batteries.


In case of motion, the wireless alarm receiver produces a 35 Decibel beep- and/or Led signal (silent alarm). This received can be connected to the loud alarm siren by means of the supplied thin cable with a length of 10 meters. In case of alarm, the siren produces a deafening alarm sound (130 Decibel). Only the possessor of the remote control unit can switch off the alarm mode immediately. If not, the alarm stops after 3 minutes, etc. Within that period, the siren cannot be switched off, not even after removing the cable. Stand-by time of the internal batteries is 2 years! A useful system to protect secluded garden houses, caravans, sheds, storage areas, hotel rooms, etc. Sizes of I.R. detector, alarm receiver and siren: 11x6x3 cm. Remote control: 9x4x1,5 cm.

Steek- en Kogelwerelde vesten

Bullet-resistant vests

art. AC-C1

Civillian ‘Kevlar’ protective vest (for doormen, security officers, body-quards, etc.). Offers a fashionable way to wear armour for the well dressed man/woman. For inner wear (under a T-shirt, suit-jacket, shirt, jumper, etc.). Light (2.3 Kg.), good fit and comfortable to wear. Fastens with Velcro. Protects against fragmentation threats and all bullets representing Level 1, 11-A and 111-A (as 9 MM. Uzi SMG, 9 MM. Sterling SMG). Available sizes: L, XL, XXL and XXXL. More specs. on request.