Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.


For the sake of clarity, below we only show you a limited number of our most popular video surveillance products
which are in great demand. Moreover, our store selection is significantly more extensive.

In most situations, our shop visitors have the following wishes:

  1. The more compact the better
  2. Installation as quick as possible
  3. Preferable battery operated (as well)
  4. If possible, ready for use
  5. As little hassle as possible in case of installing or hiding
  6. Clear Dutch or English manual

In short: Take and ‘plug and play’. None or as little as possible installation work and involvement by third parties. Of course, we can be of service to you in case you still need advice and/or installation at your place. As a matter of fact, we consider these assignments to be a 100% confidential.

If relevant, after purchase, we can be of service to you in our shop with installing an APP on your smartphone (for remote wifi cameras or GPS tracking devices, for example). This way, we try to ‘relieve’ our customers as much as possible.

Of course, our program includes several popular camera systems to serve as “body-worn” video products as well, enabling to film secretly from the body (video glasses, video watches, button cameras, video pens, etc). However, we don’t supply copy-cats of the cheapest ‘quality’. The durability and images of these products are often so disappointing that we don’t dare to give a full year guarantee on these gadgets. Besides, often frequent purchasers only need such products during a short period of time. Precisely then, proper functioning matters.

All-In-One mini Video Surveillance System

art. OCV-32

* Internal battery operation 24 hours
* Features night filming as well

This portable video recorder only measures the sizes of a package of cigarettes. The box contains a sensor (only records during movement or sound). The recording time is 32 hours (64 hours optional) and it’s battery lifetime max. 24 hours (nightvision ‘off’).
The lens opening is 4 mm and it’s ‘angle’ 160 degrees (wide angle, half a circle).

If desired, the Infrared ‘beam’ automatically switches on during darkness. This shortens the internal battery live time of the device. The surface of the I.R. window measures 1×3 cm. The I.R. beam is 100% invisible for the human eye, even in complete darkness. During darkness, the I.R. beam covers max. 4 to 5 meters (average living or sleeping room). The recorder is provided with a very sensitive microphone. The device literally can be placed anywhere (for example, hidden inside a kleenex box or between books, in the open air, etc.) and can be connected to 220 volts (adapter included) or to a powerbank for extended battery operating time. Also features ‘looping’ mode (endless recordings), playback, storage, sharing via PC or Laptop. Both Apple ad Windows compatible. Sizes 6x9x2 cm. Weight 120 grams.

Wifi ‘Spy’ Camera and/or:

art. OCV-62

* Body worn camera with live streaming
* Worldwide control via your smartphone

The camera lens measures 3 mm only (diameter) including microphone and features a 160 degrees wide angle (half a circle). Even small rooms can be completely monitored by the camera. The camera ’head’ is provided with a thin 15 cm long cable (25 cm. optional) which leads to the wifi box (5x7x3 cm.) This box wireless can be connected to your wifi router or to a hotspot (see below).

The wifi box is provided with a video recorder featuring a (motion detected) recording time of 32 hours (64 hours optional) and internal battery with max.18 hours lifetime. An external power bank can be connected for extended operating time (max. 3 days). All functions (see below) worldwide can be controlled by your smartphone. 220 volt AC adapter included. The user can monitor the images real-time by it’s smartphone and, if desired, receive an alert during events (sound or movement). Additionally, the video recorder will be activated during an event. Recordings may be downloaded and played back by your smartphone afterwards.
Thanks to the flexible camera head, the system may be hidden easily without changing the decor of the room to be observed. For portable use (real-time security, examination, etc.) the optional button lens (see illustration) including box can be hidden under clothing for remote live streaming. This possibility requires a local Wifi signal or a portable Hotspot. The sharpness of the button camera can be adjusted (may be of importance while reading texts). If desired, purchasers will be assisted by us to install the app on their smartphone and we explain the possibilities of the product in practice. Easy to read Dutch and English manual included.

On request, this wifi camera is also available as a SMOKE- or INFRARED ALARM DETECTOR


Table lamp with Wifi Spy Camera

Following the demand for ready made hidden video products, we introduce a 220 volt operational custom made table lamp with hidden wifi unit and invisible camera lens, built into the base of the lamp and not visible to bystanders. The wifi unit operates as described above (art. OCV-62) and is directly powered by the 220 volt lamp cord (even when the lamp is switched off!). Just plug in the cord, connect the built-in wifi camera to a router (or hotspot) and real time monitor or record the room etc. using your smartphone, as long as and wherever you want.

Shown model is subject to change!
Wifi ‘Spy’ Camera  Package

Wifi ‘Spy’ Camera Package

including hotspot, smartphone + 2x powerbank

art. OCV-62HS

No Wifi (code) and/or powersource available? This package may help you along the way. The set consists of the Wifi ‘Spy’ Canera as described above + a (wifi > internet) Hotspot + Smartphone (incl. installed Wifi ‘Spy’ Camera APP) + 2 pcs. Powerbank, 10.000 Ma each. This complete set enables the user to install or hide the camera (with hotspot) at any location (in a car, remote shed, in a bicycle bag, open terrain, please fill in yourself).
The hotspot creates the internet signal. (Internal) battery lifetime of hotspot and wifi camera is approximately 18 hours. Once connected to the supplied power banks, operating will be extended to approx. 3 days. Complete plug and play set includes activated simcards for telephone and hotspot. Worldwide operational. Includes rugged carrying case.

Spy Cam

‘Spy’ Camera with 10 hours recording time

  • for discrete room recordings or as hidden body-cam

art. OCV-16

The camera itself can be supplied with 3 different lenses: A): 1 mm lens opening (95 degrees angle), B: ‘button’ camera lens (95 degrees) or C): 3 mm lens opening (160 degrees, wide angle). Sharpness of the ‘button’ camera is adjustable. The 20 cm long and thin cable of the mini camera head is connected with the plastic housing containing the recorder (1,5x4x7 cm.) and weighs 180 grams. It’s easy to hide everywhere. It runs about 10 hours per battery charge. Enough to film a full working day at the office, or in case of theft by the cleaning aid, babysitter, etc. The recorder can be concealed in a car or be carried under clothing for long-lasting undercover recordings (possibly with the button camera). Memory capacity with supplied micro SD card: 32 hours.
Playback and storage on any PC or Laptop (Windows and Mac). Surprisingly sharp image and easy to operate.

Mini Nightvision

Mini Nightvision

This mini nightvision device (1x3x5 cm) enables video observation in (total) dark environments for applications up to 5-7 meters. It’s produced ‘light beam’ is totally invisible to the human eye, even in complete darkness. It can be used in combination with any IR light sensitive camera and arranged in the same viewing direction. Provided with USB plug at the backside of the box which can be connected to a power bank or 220 volt USB adapter. An interesting ‘tool’ to film dark (bed) rooms, offices, a garden, poorly illuminated parking places, etc.

Concealed ‘Body’ Cameras

(‘body-worn’ video systems’)

As a matter of fact, our Spyshop supplies a range of resources enabling to film from the body, unsuspicious for bystanders. We are selective in purchasing these products, because a large number often turn out to be unreliable. By ‘unreliable’ we mean:

* Break down quickly without being repairable
* Cannot ‘take a beating’ or some moisture
* Poor image quality
* Jerkey picture (or sound) during play-back
* Complicated way to turn on/record or off

In our shop we can show you significant more types as described on our website.
The most requested models are:


Video Glasses
Video Pen
Video Button Camera
Video Watch


Generally, these type of video recorders feature a maximum battery lifetime of 70 minutes (button cells). The Video Button Camera is powered by an external power bank. As a result, this model may record 6 hours non-stop per charge. And, of course our model OCV-16 as described above.

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CCTV Video Observation Package

* 4 pcs. wireless cameras (incl. audio)
* Suitable for both in- and outdoor use
* Cameras are battery operational as well!
* I.R. Nightvision
* LCD monitor features 4-channel video recorder

The keyword of our delivery program is: Simplicity. However, from time to time we are approached with the request for delivery of ‘standard’ CCTV Video Surveillance equipment.

This modern surveillance set consists of:

  • * 4 pcs. compact sized wireless cameras provided with I.R. Nightvision and suitable for in- and outdoor installation. The maximum transmitting range is 200 meters (without obstructions). The cameras can be powered by the supplied 220 volt adapters. However, the cameras are also provided with internal rechargeable batteries which may last for weeks in case of little motion detection. Built-in microphone enables audio recordings as well.
  • * 10” super flat wireless LCD monitor on stand. This screen features an integrated video recorder which, if desired, only records during movements (detecting range max. 6 meters). This mode enables several weeks of video recordings on a 256 Gb. micro SD card. In case of 4-channel continuous recordings (for outdoor use, for example) recording time varies from 3-4 days (looping mode or stop in case of full memory).
  • * The LCD Monitor/ Video recorder can be connected to the Internet by using the supplied software. Your Smartphone, Laptop or PC can be connected to the video recorder for worldwide live observation of images including audio. Features more options such as downloading, save, share, delete, etc.

In short: A modern, handy, compact and wireless day and night video surveillance system which can be set-up within a few minutes at any location, indoors or in the open air. Including adapters and suspension brackets.

We kindly invite you to contact us for more information about this product.