Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.
Our shop is open from 10 am till 22 pm.
For an appointment you may call us on number (0031) (0)20-6850285. Thank you.



Roughly spoken, there are 2 methods on the market:

1) Listening devices which are provided with a simcard. The user may call-in from any (mobile) phone in the world and discreetly can monitor speeches which take place in the environment where the (object with) concealed GSM transmitter has been placed. Most models can be programmed in voice activating mode by a SMS command as well: in case of sound (coming home, burglary, etc.) the GSM bug will automatically call yóu! From persons visiting our shop, we regularly hear that audio transmission of (cheap) GSM transmitter made in China often hardly is understandable. Due to that reason, we stopped selling these low quality GSM devices which usually offer a (too) short battery lifetime as well, according our customers.


Below we show you some examples of (hidden) GSM bugs made in England, South Korea,  etc. Moreover, our store collection is significant more extensive.


2) Radio Frequent mini-transmitter providing a very sensitive microphone which picks up sound waves. These signals are amplified and broadcasted to the corresponding mini-receiver (possible connected to an optional voice recorder). After the introduction of GSM transmitters the popularity of RF bugs has been decreased (limited transmitting range). Nevertheless, our range of products still includes one of these models.

Shown models each are provided with a very sensitive built-in microphone and offer a long-life battery time. You may call-in whenever and wherever you want and can monitor speeches etc. which take place in the environment the transmitter has been placed. A SMS command switches the transmitter into ‘voice activating mode’ and will call the user in case of sound (coming home, burglary, etc.). Supplied in suitcase including Vodafone simcard and charging cable. Made in U.K.

  • Picture A:
    Stand-by time approx. 3 days, call-in max. 3 hours. Sizes 2x3x1 cm., 30 grams
  • Picture B:
    Stand-by time approx.17 days, call-in 7 hours, sizes 2.5x4x1.3 cm., 50 grams
  • Picture C:
    Stand-by time approx. 60 days, call-in max. 16 hours. Sizes 3x5x2 cm., 80 grams
mini gsm zender pen

“GSM PEN” (possibly including wireless earplug)

Normal looking and functioning ballpoint with hidden built-in mobile phone with simcard. The ‘pen’ can be left behind or be carried along on the body. When calling the ‘pen’ with a (mobile) phone, sounds and speeches around the ‘pen’ clearly will be hearable. The ‘pen’ is provided with Bluetooth as well: received speeches and instructions (done by the caller) wireless are transferred to the earplug (wearer). Transmitting range between ‘pen’ and earplug max. 60 cm. This method of invisible information transfer is perfect for use with security, escort, examinations, etc. The rechargeable battery of the ‘pen’ lasts about 20 hours (stand-by) and 90 minutes (calling-in). Battery operating time of the earplug approx. 3 hours. ‘Pen’ and wireless earplug can be supplied separate as well.


paper clip applies as size orientation

GSM mini zender PARAPLU


This normal functioning umbrella contains a hidden GSM transmitter (concealed inside the handle). Battery stand-by time 60 days, call-in time approx. 17 hours.
You may ‘forget’ this umbrella after your visit and/or monitor speeches at a safe distance during a longer period. The GSM Transmitter cannot be discovered.



The battery operational wall clock is provided with a GSM transmitter connected to a 3 Amp. rechargeable battery featuring a stand-by time of 6 months (!) and 30 hours (!) call-in time. Provided with a very sensitive microphone which picks up speeches until 10 meters away from the clock. Includes voice activating mode (see above). Diameter clock: 25 cm.



Inconspicuous ashtray with built-in GSM transmitter. Powered by 9 volts battery (about 14 days stand-by and 7 hours calling).
A smart construction prevents detection of transmitter and battery.



It concerns a normal functioning (wired) PC Mouse. The built-in GSM module with simcard is powered by the PC or Laptop offering an unlimited operating time.
You may call the ‘mouse’ from any place in the world and monitor speeches where ‘the mouse’ is located, loud and clear.



(illustration subject to change)

This “Humidor” (cigar box) is constructed with a double bottom where the GSM transmitter and power source are hidden. The microphone hole (2 mm) is located at the bottom of the Humidor. Detection ruled out. Stand-by time transmitter approx. 25 days, calling time 10 hours. Illustrated cigars are not included!



(illustration subject to change)

This normal functioning 220 Volt USB charger (5 volt output) contains a hidden GSM transmitter which is powered by mains voltage. As a result, the transmitter offers an unlimited operating time. You may call the ‘charger’ wherever you are, enabling to monitor speeches 7 meters around this device. A reliable product, made in England, so no fear of burn-out or short circuit after longer operating time!



This model looks like a standard 220 volt AC junction box and it is!
It’s undetectable built-in GSM module is a permanent worker. It’s sensitive invisible microphone picks up sounds up to a distance of 7 meters! Plug in and call. Simcard installed. Made in England.

Customized installation assignments are welcome!

Radio frequent Transmitters GSM

Radio Frequent transmitters & Receivers

art. Performa-800

  • The mini-transmitter (left) measures smaller than a disposable cigarette lighter featuring a very sensitive microphone. Battery lasts 4 days and offers a transmitting range from 200 up to
    400 meters.
  • The ‘credit card’ sized transmitter (in front) is 3 mm. thick and can be hidden under a carpet, inside a book, wallet, etc. The battery lasts 2 days and features a transmitting range of about 100 meters. Transmission frequencies: 800 Mhz band.
  • The supplied 2-channel mini receiver comes incl. headset. Provided with connector for (optional) voice recorder. The receiver is powered by a 9 volts battery (20 hours operating time). These quality product are made in England.