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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
Spy-Recorders, Spyshop Amsterdam


Spy recorders, dicteer- en telefoon opnameapparatuur niet groter dan een dobbelsteen! Opnametijden tot 150 uur en batterij bedrijfstijd tot 70 uur! Gevoeligheid tot 10 meter rondom, ook door kleding heen.

(‘SPY') Recorders

Our smallest and lightest (digital) device for (covered) long-play recordings of meetings, conferences, conversations, etc. It's superior sensitive built-in microphone picks up sounds up to a distance of 5 meters away from the speech source, even in covert circumstances.! Smaller than a disposable lighter and weighs 40 grams only (including battery). Offers 18(!) hours voice activated recording time and operates 100% in silence. Can be hidden behind clothing, inside a shirt pocket, in a ladies handbag, under the seat of a car, (sleeping)room, office, etc. Superior play-back quality by the supplied active 1-Watt loudspeaker box. If desired, recordings can be downloaded to your PC (editing, e-mailing, play back, etc). Software and USB cable included. As an option, a custom made 'earphone' can be supplied enabling the CN-262 to be used as a discreet 2-way telephone recorder on ANY type of telephone (including ISDN and ALL brands mobile phones), without disturbance or interference.

The sensitivity and soundquality of this recorder beats any other similar look-alike product. This is the only REAL Spy-Corder. We invite you to visit our shop to convince yourself.

N.B.: The CN-262 also can be connected to our mini-receiver EL-235 for wireless recordings of conversations, etc.

(‘SPY') Recorders

Discreet full automatic telephone information recorder. Silently records both sides of each conversation. Provided LCD display shows time, date, call duration and áll (outgoing) called telephone numbers! Voice activated recording time 6 hours (versions up to 20 hours available!). AC and battery operational. Easy to connect and to hide on the line.

N.B.: can only be used for analogue telephone lines (not ISDN!)

(‘SPY') Recorders

As soon as the handset is lifted, this recording system records both sides of the telephone conversation. Can be connected to any ISDN telephone line (1 line only). To make recordings of both lines, 2 recorders are required. If desired, the recorder can be hidden at ány point of the telephone cable. No personal interference is necessary except for changing the tapes from time to time. Powered by battery ór by 220 volt (adapter included).

(‘SPY') Recorders


Once connected to the telephone line, the (2 channel) ISDN-2 enables covert operation. The digital recorder is provided with a harddisk and records both sides of any call taking place (incoming and outgoing). Play-back facility via it's built-in speaker and displaying time and date of any call. Recording time max. 6800 hours (well red!). Optional models available provided with 4, 8 or 16 line inputs.

  • On our website we only show you a part of our complete product line '(Spy) recorders', etc. Our side together with our catalogue offers you a COMPLETE overview of our delivery programme
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