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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired), Spyshop Amsterdam

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

This Sony(chip) colour pinhole camera produces a magnificent sharp picture with a high resolution of 380 lines. Features a light sensitivity of 2 Lux enabling the use of this camera in poor illuminated environments as well. Built-in auto-iris and backlight compensation circuit. It requires a 1 mm. hole to view the target. Dimensions 30x30x7 mm, 12 volt. Please don’t mix the quality of this camera with cheap look-alikes and copycats. Ask for a demo to convince yourself in our showroom. Includes AC adapter and mini-bracket.



this camera model also can be supplied by us built into several appliances, inside clothing, etc. In addition, refer to the video supplement in our printed catalogue.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The concealed fibre optic lens of the ‘video-glasses’ virtually has no front element exposure and renders maximum surveillance under the most natural covert environment. A flexible and thin cable leads to the compact colour camera element (with built-in battery) which can be hidden under articles of clothing, etc. Can be connected to a (optional) body-worn video recorder (such as our model MPM-4) or fed into a video transmitter for remote parallel surveillance and/or recording. Camera features 320 lines, 3 lux., 85° view angle. Audio optional. Waterproof protecting case included.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The ´video-pen´ can be easily clipped onto a pocket or purse for an unobstructed view of the field of interest. The underside of the ´video-pen´ is provided with a thin and flexible cable which leads to the (covered) colour camera element providing video and (optional) audio-out for connection to one of our mini-video recorders or video transmitters. Internal battery offers 2 hours operating time. Charger and store case included.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The ´button camera´ is provided with an invisible quality colour camerachip featuring 3 Lux and 330 horizontal lines. Please don´t mix up the quality of this model with the ´Hong Kong copycats´. We only sell the original USA made type. This ´button´ camera can be powered directly by the optional body-worn recorder, video transmitter or by a battery holder and can be hidden anywhere a button can be worn. Our concealed body-worn cameras are perfect ´tools´ to collect evidence. However, these instruments discreetly can be put into action to shoot video recordings of pop concerts or a meeting of the court as well! For filming during highly changing light conditions (daylight, bars, etc.) we recommend the use of the optional automatic switching b/w and colour version. More information on request.


N.B.: We also refer to model MPM-4/Button for a ‘ready to use’ combination.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The ‘crosshead screw’ is provided with an ‘invisible’ camera(lens) which, virtually, can be incorporated in various objects (door handle, cupboard, hat rack, etc.) The perfect tool for ‘undercover’ surveillance purposes of office rooms, a warehouse, etc. The ‘screw camera’ can be connected to a video recorder, monitor or video transmitter for wireless transportation of images.

A second identical screw without camera is supplied to, for instance, hang a hatrack on a wall. Light sensitivity 3 Lux, viewing angle 85°, power source 5-6 volt. Please call us for more information.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The flexible bore-scope has been designed to observe images from outside in case a location cannot be entered due to legal or safety reasons, ór in such situations where certain (narrow) places are unreachable for other vision systems (under a floor, behind a ceiling, furniture or a partition wall, chink, key-hole, letterbox, pipe-line, etc.). It also can be put into action to ‘look around a corner’ for discreet observation. This lightweight instrument (60 gram) measures 60 cm. long and has a diameter of 3 mm. only! Can be wound up compactly for easy carrying in a jacket’s pocket. Optional model with lightbeam available.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

Our Spy-Shop offers a comprehensive line of ‘hidden camera systems’ in several ‘commonplace’ appliances, etc. Below we show you a few examples. A limited number of these models can also be supplied by us in wireless version. Special ‘camera building-in assignements’ are welcome! If desired, the construction and/or installation of the necessary equipment can be carried out also by our field workers. As circumstances require, these activities can take place after office hours, during the weekend or even at night as well!

A few examples of (wired) ‘Spy’ cameras already built into appliances:

  • AC Wall socket *
  • Clock CCD camerar
  • Intercom speaker camera
  • Outdoor alarm camera
  • Wall mirror camera
  • Clockradio camera
  • Thermostat camera *
  • Smoke detector camera
  • Movement detector camera
  • Traffic radar detector camera **
  • Car antenna camera
  • Tissuebox camera **

* not functioning
all other types available both functioning or not functioning.

** = for mobile surveillance (vehicle, vessel, etc)..

Special built-in assignments are welcome.

If desired, please contact us for more information

Of course, all your assignments always will be treated confidentially by us ánd by our field workers!

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

The obvious way to record live events that require top confidentially and discretion. The colour ‘button camera’ can be plugged into and is powered by the built-in battery pack of the recorder itself. No complicated wiring and no external battery packs are required. The keywords of this package are simplicity, functionality and it’s dimensions. The Mpeg-4 recorder measures smaller than a package of cigarettes, is only 10mm. ‘thick’ and is provided with a 2.5”colour LCD display offering the possibility of immediate review of shot recordings at ány location. Enables max. 4 hours recording time (including audio!) on a removable 512 Mb. SD card. Includes time and date stamp and frame by frame play-back. Complete package includes Button camera, Mpeg-4 recorder, 512 Mb SD Card, Wired microphone, Active speaker box (1 Watt), AC adapter/charger and foam-filled Protecting case.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

This really is world’s smallest video 'spy-corder’ on the market today. Provided with built-in camera ánd microphone! You can place it anywhere (conceal it inside the supplied black box, a cigarette case, etc.) and leave….! Video and audio recordings only take place when the camera detects movements (digital motion detection). Provided with 2.5” colour LCD display and built-in speaker for later review at ány location. Built-in rechargeable battery lasts approx. 24 hours in stand-by mode. Max. recording time approx. 24 hours (flash memory). Can be extended by built-in memorycard slot. Available use of external video or PC monitor by external image output port. Internal input and output sensor and USP port enables to copy, store and review recorded image files onto a PC.(software included). Applications are: surveillance of or from a vehicle, boat, caravan, garden, you can hide the recorder in a tree, (open) entrance, parking place, shed, warehouse, safe room, office, etc. Among other accessories, the package includes PC software incl. network connection, charger, USB and external monitor cables, etc. Comes in luxury foam-filled storage case. Please call for more information

To put it briefly: from now on ány location can be secured, without wiring and without mains.

'Spy' Camera's & Recorders (wired)

Wired Plug & Play mini-video surveillance system developed for circumstances which require quick action. The supplied high-quality pinhole camera is provided with 20 meters thin and flexible cable and can be plugged into the recorder. The camera is powered by the recorder itself. The 30 Gb. mini-HD recorder offers 65 hours non-stop recording time.

Recordings can be reviewed on the 3.5” colour LCD display or external monitor. Built-in rechargeable battery (4 hours life time) also available in and supplied AC adapter for permanent surveillance. wireless version The complete package is supplied in a foam-filled storage case.

also available in wireless version

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