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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
Bulletproof vests, jackets, shirts - AC-C1 enz, Spyshop Amsterdam

Bulletproof vests, jackets, shirts - AC-C1 enz

Our Spy-Shop supplies a variety of bulletproof clothing in several sizes (m, l, xl, xxl), such as the illustrated T-Shirt, protective vests to wear under a dress-shirt, fashionable looking (wind and rain proof) 'flyer jacket' models, etc. All types in particular appropriate for the security man and woman on the street (doorman, body-guards, night surveillance, police, etc.) Protects against fragmentation threats and all bullits listed in Level II, Level IIIA and Level III. For other models and our extensive ballistic resistance table we refer to page 86 and 87 of our Catalogue

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Spyhop Amsterdam - Postjesweg 41+ 47, 1057 DV Amsterdam - The Netherlands