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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
'Miscellaneous Items', Spyshop Amsterdam

'Miscellaneous Items'

'Miscellaneous Items'

'The specially designed concrete microphone is provided with a sensitive audio amplifier that enables the user to pick up indoor sounds through doors, windows or walls. Adjustable volume control and tape connector. Runs 60 hours on a standard 9 volt battery. '

'Miscellaneous Items'

Powerful, compact and lightweight bar-shaped directional listening device provided with (removeable) foam rubber wind hood. Enables to pick up and/or (optional) to record sounds and speeches up to hundreds of meters away under favourable conditions (quiet surroundings). Amplification 30x. Battery powered. Complete set pictured including foam-filled storage case.


  • The 'range' of directional microphones strongly depends on local (physical) phenomena. The purchaser is kindly requested to observe this limitation before placing an order!

'Miscellaneous Items'

Mini Voice Stress Analyzer. Battery powered and can be used anywhere. Built-in microphone analyzes 'the voice' acoustically (range up to 5 meters). The read-out is given by 12 light-emitting diodes: green indicates 'normal' condition, the led diodes indicate 'stress' - attention! This, like a heartbeat, is involuntary, the speaker can neither evoke nor suppress this effect. The supplied suction cup can be connected to any (wired) phone analyzing 'lies' during phone calls! For more information we refer to page 92 of our Catalogue in which you will find an extensive scientific description of this product

'Miscellaneous Items'

Our Spy-Shop supplies a variety of bulletproof clothing in several sizes (m, l, xl, xxl), such as the illustrated T-Shirt, protective vests to wear under a dress-shirt, fashionable looking (wind and rain proof) 'flyer jacket' models, etc. All types in particular appropriate for the security man and woman on the street (doorman, body-guards, night surveillance, police, etc.) Protects against fragmentation threats and all bullits listed in Level II, Level IIIA and Level III. For other models and our extensive ballistic resistance table we refer to page 86 and 87 of our Catalogue

'Miscellaneous Items'

The mini-sized 'Voice Changer' enables the user electronically to select 9 'different voices'. Clear speech without distortion. Take it with you wherever you go! Fits and works well on any type of telephone (handset), wired as well as wireless (mobile) models. De-activates 'voice and word recognition systems' (meaning your conversation will not be taped), use it when you don't want to be in to certain callers, etc. etc. Battery powered, sizes approx. 10x6x2 cm. Made in Japan.

'Miscellaneous Items'

Digital 'spy' photo camera concealed inside a 'Zippo' (lighter) housing.

Unique design and the smallest in it's kind. It's the most advanced piece of equipment you've ever used for undetected (manual) photographing

a number of 150 shots (VGA) or 310 shots (CIF) and in addition…. the 'L-007' features more unique functions, such as:

A) Selftimer (10 seconds delay)

B) 1,2,5,10,30,45,60 & 90 minute time shots (in auto-surveillance mode)

C) Video Clip mode with sound

D) Audio record mode (built-in microphone)

System requirements:
Includes USB cable and CD-Rom enabling to review and store filed pictures on your PC. System requirements: PC Pentium 166 MHz. or better. Windows 98 ME or XP, 32 MB Ram, 20 MB+ on HDD, USB port, VGA Monitor and CD-Rom drive. Mac. DS 8.6 or above (Mass storage only).

'Miscellaneous Items'

On the inside of these unique sunglasses a (invisible) 'mirror' coat-ing allows to command a clear view of whatever may be behind you.

At the same time, your subject never suspects that he/she is being observed. The 'Spy-Glasses' gives you 'eyes at the back' in circumstances it would be advisable or essential (security activities, a means of determine pursuit, etc.).

'Miscellaneous Items'

Requires a quick and one time 'on the spot' or remote installation at the PC of a (possible) dishonest employee, your kids (what they are up to on the internet), a (possible) unfaithful husband, etc. etc. If circumstances make it impossible for you to install the software on the PC, the unique remote installing feature offers the solution by sending an e-mail with (covered software) attachment to the target PC. After (remote) installing, if desired, our software immediately forwards their e-mails and other PC handlings directly to your e-mail address, including all deleted activities! Believe it or not, it works! The Web Watcher offers triple level security: > Stealth Mode ensures you that Web Watcher is completely hidden from everybody except those with authorized access. It will not appear in ány programs menu. > Hot Key Access: Web Watcher is protected by a combination of Hot Keys that you choose. Web Watcher can only be launched through this Hot Key combination. > Password Protection: As an added measure of security, Web Watcher will prompt you for a password before opening the control panel. This ensures that anyone attempting to access the program is an authorized user.

Overview of features (activity reports):

  • All e-mail recordings
  • Chat/Instant Message Recording
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Web Site Recording and more…..

'Miscellaneous Items'

Warns person(s) of interest of the presence of operational mobile phones, 'spy' phones or 'spy' modules, located in the room where the Phone Detector has been placed. This can be an all important matter in environments where the use of mobile phones is forbidden (subject during an examination, in prisons, hospitals, etc.) and to detect these signals during confidential meetings (presence of operational 'spy' phones, etc.). Adjustable detecting range 5-15 meters. Powered by supplied 12 volt AC adapter or optional (external) battery.

'Miscellaneous Items'

This portable and battery operated Heatfinder works by detecting heat sources and motion of heat to help find game or humans, (over)heated pipelines and all other kind of heat sources. Detected temperatures are read as infra-red light waves which appear on the digital bar graph display and are pinpointed by the built-in laser and infrared laser.

In addition, readings can be outputted to the earplug. Uses include locating lost children, pets, livestock, detecting thermal losses in buildings and equipment. Ensure safer building searches for military and police, etc. Almost anything that requires detection of heat, or differences in heat levels. Adjustable sensitivity (detecting) range 5-15 meters.

'Miscellaneous Items'

This precision instrument is specially designed to enable the locksmith to unlock most standard pin tumber locks in seconds.

Powered by 2 internal 1.5 volt batteries. Includes Electric Lockpick, four pick blades, one tension, wrench, batteries. English instructionbook included (limited edition!). Please observe our conditions before placing an order (see our catalogue, page 93)

'Miscellaneous Items'

Het normaal functionerende horloge is voorzien van een ‘aanraakscherm’ voor het opvragen van de gewenste informatie. Voor gebruikers met ‘minder scherpe nagels’ wordt een pennetje (stilo) bijgeleverd dat kan worden opgeborgen in de horlogeband.

Het klokje is voorzien van een volwaardige simlock vrije GSM telefoon en werkt in binnen-en buitenland op iedere Simkaart. Als u wilt bellen dan ‘tikt’ u het gewenste nummer in op het scherm. Als u wordt opgebeld dan hoeft u alleen maar de display aan te raken om te kunnen praten.

Het horloge is voorzien van een ingebouwde luidspreker en microfoon. Ook is een ‘hands-free’ functie ingebouwd in het horloge (ideaal voor ‘handenvrij’ bellen in de auto of op de fiets).

Een draadloze (blue tooth) headset wordt bijgeleverd voor het voeren van prive gesprekken of om (bijvoorbeeld) tijdens het motorrijden of sporten gebeld te kunnen worden.

Het GSM horloge is verder voorzien van alle standaardfuncties waarover een ‘normale’ GSM telefoon ook beschikt zoals o.a.

  • Telefoonboek 
  • Agenda
  • Wekfunctie en stopwatch
  • MP-3 Speler
  • SMS/MMS (internet) functie
  • Vele beltonen (bel - en weergave volume inregelbaar)
  • Blue-tooth
  • Memo recorder
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