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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
GSM 'Spy' Products, Spyshop Amsterdam

GSM 'Spy' Products

GSM 'Spy' Products

for reasons of camouflage, shown model may vary

If desired, this highly advanced normal functioning but modified (pre-paid card) GSM telephone can be activated in secret monitor mode by using a personal operation only. No symbols or other indications are displayed on the LCD display and all other audio and visual functions are switched off. In the (seeming) 'off mode', this telephone can be left, hidden or 'forgotten' at any location which should be monitored. From now on, the user may call this GSM phone nationwide from ány other wired or mobile telephone. When the call is made, you can clearly hear what is spoken in (or around) your home, office, car, boat, (hand)bag or at any other location while being hundreds of kilometers away, at the same time a conversation takes place.

While monitoring, the GSM 'Spy-GUARD' will not make the slightest sound and no one present will be aware of your dialing or that the location in which the telephone has been left, is monitored. Our 'spy-phones' are customized by means of a built-in microphone amplifier (to increase it's sensitivity) and anti-interference circuit (causing no audible interference sounds by other attendant mobile phones, operational radio receivers in a room, car, etc. during monitoring). So…..don't be fooled by low-grade 'lookalikes'! World-wide operational.

GSM 'Spy' Products

for reasons of camouflage, shown model may vary

The 'Ghost Phone' offers an additional feature by comparison with the 'Spy-Guard' (see above). This phone can dial out and receive any phone call in like a normal cell phone (it is not necessary to switch the phone in 'spy mode'). When anyone calls the Ghost Phone, it rings and operates like a normal telephone but when the phone is called using the telephone with the number that was previously programmed into the Ghost Phone, it automatically answers without any ringing or lights coming on and the display stays the same as if it is on ordinary standby. The microphone of the Ghost Phone is sensitive enough to pick up room conversations up to 6 meters away from the phone itself! Perhaps a nice present for a fraudulent staff member or untrue husband?

GSM 'Spy' Products
for reasons of camouflage, shown model may vary
Once this advanced modified phone will be in use by the 'target' person (private, business, etc.), the interested party can penetrate the 'Super Spy-Phone' and listen to (ongoing) cellular and room conversations without being noticed by the user of the 'Super Spy-Phone'.

In short, below we describe some 'spy' features of this mobile phone, which, for the sake of completeness, modifications will and cannot be discovered by outsiders! This phone operates 100% according to the supplied original manual.

A) SMS messages received by the 'Super Spy-Phone:

automatically will be passed on to the phone of the interested party as well and can be read out.

B) Incoming phone calls received by the 'Super Spy-Phone:

an indication of this event will be passed on to the phone of the interested party in the form of an SMS message. If desired, now the person of interest can call back to the 'Super Spy-Phone' and discreetly monitor the ongoing call (both sides of conversation).

C) Outgoing phone calls of the 'Super Spy-Phone:

will be made known by means of an SMS message which will be passed on to the phone of the person of interest. If desired, now the person of interest can call back to the 'Super Spy-Phone' and penetrate the ongoing call (both sides of conversation)

D) Location of the 'Super Spy-Phone:

will be made known by means of an SMS message passed on to the phone of the person of interest. This SMS message will display information about the nearest Cell, degree of longitude, latitude, etc. This information enables the person of interest to figure out where the phone (user) is located.*

*Degrees of Longitude and Latitude can be converted into city maps (available on the internet) to determine exact locations.

E) Listening to room convesations by calling the ‘Super Spy-Phone’:

if desired, the person of interest can call the ‘Super Spy-Phone’ and discreetly monitor room conversations within a 5meter radius around the Spy-Phone. For a description of this feature we refer to model ‘GSM Ghost Phone’.

F) Replacement of the simcard:

in the event of replacement of the Spy-Phone’s simcard (unlikely but not impossible), all above mentioned functions can be re-stored discreetly and remotely by special tone commands carried out via the phone of the person of interest.

Perhaps unnecessary to remind you…..

The modified ‘Super Spy-Phone’ looks and functions as a ‘normal’ phone during incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, etc. ONLY in case the ‘Super Spy-Phone’ is called by the person of interest, all visual and audio signals of the ‘Super Spy-Phone’ will be suppressed. As a result, commands, intercepting- and monitoring functions will not be noticed by the user of the ‘Super Spy-Phone’.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

GSM 'Spy' Products

The 'Video Spy-Phone' not only enables the user to hear but also to OBSERVE what takes place in the room (or car, etc.) where the G3 has been left or concealed. You may use your own fantasy in what (private or business) circumstances the Video Spy-Phone can be brought into action to clarify ambiguities or to collect evidence in case of theft, burglary, vandalism, unfaithfulnes, etc. As an option, the 'Video Spy-Phone' is also available in 'voice activated' version: the 'Video Spy-Phone' automatically calls the interested party when it detects sound(s) in the room where it has been left or concealed. This is the ultimate way to watch over your properties or to be informed about special events, whenever you want and wherever you are! The set consists of 2 highly advanced, identical looking and (also) normal functioning cellular phones (it is not necessary to switch the phones in 'Video Spy Mode').

The 'Video Spy-Phone' itself is supplied with a pre-paid simcard which can be replaced by your 'own' one, if required. The G3 can be left or be hidden in the 'Target room' (or car, boat, etc.) after it has been activated in 'secret monitor mode'. From that time on, all audio and video symbols virtually are switched 'off': it seems as if the battery is 'dead'. The Video Spy-Phone is supplied with a high-resolution and moveable camera lens enabling to direct the lens into the most ideal position.

From now on, with the supplied 2nd. mobile phone, the interested party can call the 'Video Spy-Phone' whenever he wants and wherever he is located (under circumstances that the operational networks supports 'UMTS'). After connection has been made, the interested party is able to listen ánd to observe events which take place in the 'target' room, etc. while no one present in the room where the phone has been placed will be aware that the location is monitored.

If desired, the 'Video Spy-Phone' also can be hidden inside a cleanex tissuebox which can be placed on the back shelf of a car. Like this, the user can watch and hear the attendant passengers remotely. Finally, the 'Video Spy-Phone' can be hidden behind (or below) the frontgrill of a vehilce. This enables the user of the 'video spy-phone' to watch the routes the car drives remotely and…100% real time! Both phones are supplied with activated pre-paid simcards. The set can be put into action immediately after purchasing. The battery stand-by time of both phones amount to approx. 4 days. If conditions are favourable and the 'Video Spy-Phone' can be connected to the 220 volt AC charger, the operating time becomes unlimited.

The package is stored into a robust waterproof case provided with pluckfoam and an easy to understand manual in English and Dutch.

GSM 'Spy' Products

The GSM 'mini-box' (7x5x1,5 cm.) can be provided with your own simcard (subscription or pre-paid) and be hidden in a room, car, etc. Next, the user of the box can call-in from any phone and from ány place in the world and discreetly can monitor speeches and sounds which take place in the environment where the box has been placed. Equipped with a very sensitive built-in microphone and a powerful rechargeable battery offering 10 days stand-by time (call-in time approx. 7 hours). The box causes no interference (audible call-in noise) by other equipment present in the room where the box has been hidden (other mobile phones, car radio, etc.) and is provided with a plug for an external microphone.

Incl. charger and AC adapter (offering unlimited operating time) and external wired microphone (2 meters length)

A 'transmitter' with an unlimited operating range!

GSM 'Spy' Products

The inconspicuous and lockable Samsonite attaché-case is provided with a GSM module and a powerful battery pack, hidden underneath a double meaning. After installing any activated simcard, the attaché-case offers 3 'spy-functions':

A) When the authorized person calls the 'Spy-Case', all conversations in the room where the case has been left, can be monitored clearly while no one present will be aware of it. The high-sensitive microphone can not be detected from outside.

B) By means of a remote command (by the telephone you're calling from), the GSM module can be switched in 'voice activating mode': from now on, the user of the case automatically will be called on his own (mobile) phone as soon as the GSM module detects voices or other sounds which (will) take place in the room where the case is left. Adjustable voice activating sensitivity by remote command.

C) The 'Spy-Case' is provided with a soundless and covered digital recorder. While monitoring, the caller can record important (parts of) conversations by remote command for later reference (or evidence!). The case is powered by 8 pcs. replaceable D-Cell batteries (12 volt) offering a stand-by time of approx. 3 weeks!

GSM 'Spy' Products

The normal functioning stylish cigar box can, for example, be placed in the meeting room of an office, etc. The case is provided with a hidden GSM module* and a powerful battery pack (5 days stand-by operating time). When you 'call' the 'cigar box' (from ánywhere in the world!), you clearly can hear what is spoken in (or around) your office, home, etc. at the same time the conversation takes place! World-wide operational.  

* Accepts ány Simcard (pre-paid or subscription)

GSM 'Spy' Products

Luxury designed and normal functioning clock radio. Brand: Boston (USA). Superior sound quality and it's design fits any interior (hotel room, office, etc.). Provided with an undetectable GSM module. You can call in and monitor conversations 'real-time' from 'any place in the world'! Undetectable, sensitive microphone. Powered by mains (220 volt) offering an unlimited operating time! 

Special 'camera building-in assignments' are welcome!

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