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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011
(Car) Following Systems, Spyshop Amsterdam

(Car) Following Systems

(Car) Following Systems

Simplicity is the keyword of this GPS car tracking system. The GPS stick easily can be programmed by means of the users own PC (USB connector). Programme the number of locations you want the stick to store during it’s ‘trips’ (up to 4000!) plus the required record interval periods between each location record (every minute, 10 minutes, one hour, etc. etc.) and…that’s it! Once the GPS Stick has been concealed* inside or outside the vehicle, it will start creating it’s travel reports. After the desired period, the GPS stick can be removed from the car and be plugged into your PC. In combination with the supplied (google earth map) software it enables the interested party to create a detailed graphical report of location histories including Date, Time, Speed, Direction and other information on high resolution maps. The GPS stick is powered by 2 (AA size) penlight batteries which last 16 hours in ‘full power mode’ and 5-7 days in ‘low power mode’. In order to get at least 5 days of operation, the GPS Memory Stick must have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky (= GPS satellite signal reception) during that entire time. When the car is parked, memory is not used (built-in motion detection) The GPS stick measures 2x3x10 cm. and can be provided by us with 2 powerful mini magnets, if desired.

* Which are the best locations to place the Memory Stick in a vehicle? 

The front dash with the embossed globe facing the sky is the best spot. The glove compartment or under the dash without any metal between it and the sky are also good places. The speaker shelf behind the rear seats is another great place. The GPS Memory Stick also can be hidden inside a tissuebox or fibre bumper. Anywhere there is no metal placed between the GPS stick and the sky. Some customers have reported the GPS stick works fine under car seats or even under the car itself but these places are not recommended for reliable operation.

(Car) Following Systems

Our tracking devices consist of a 2-channel handheld direction finder (audio and signalstrength indicator) and mini tracking (pulse) transmitter.

3 different types tracking transmitters are available:

  • tracker A1: tone transmitter provided with a powerful magnet which (for example) can be hidden underneath the target vehicle, etc.
  • tracker A2: idem but without magnet to conceal inside a carton, (motor)bike, suitcase with objects of value, etc.
  • tracker A3: miniature crystal-controlled tracking (tone) transmitter to protect valuable transports or to recover stolen goods. It also can save lives because a lost child, skier, mountaineer and kidnapped person can be found or freed. It can protect patients, security officers, pets and older ones who are in danger or get lost.

CE: Frequenties 230 & 433 MHz., 10 mW.

(Car) Following Systems

The HIPER-1 set includes a compact sized GPS/GSM unit with built-in antenna and battery. The unit, for instance, can be concealed behind a (fibre made) bumper, underneath (on the side), etc. a vehicle*. Provided with magnet. The supplied (wireless) laptop has been fully pre-programmed and will be delivered ready for use. Installed detailed maps include Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Other countries on request. Interested person(s) can 'follow' the route of the target vehicle per minute, per day or per week.

TAll positions are displayed on the 15” LCD screen and automatically can be stored for immediate or later reference.

  • If desired, almost realtime (max. 1 pos. every 2 minutes).
  • If required, the operating procedure of the Hiper-1 will be explained personally to the purchaser(s) by well trained (outdoor and English spoken) technicians. Luxurious carrying case included.

As a standard feature, a ‘protected area’ can pre-programmed: when the target vehicle enters or leaves this ‘electronic fence’, the person of interest will be warned on it’s own (mobile) phone and can take further action, if desired. Up to max. 10 vehicles can be tracked and filed by this laptop. Operates on standard (pre-paid) simcards. Can operate without any registration. Luxury carrying case included.

Due to (relative) weak GPS satellite signals (especially during cloudy weather conditions), it is the users responsibility, not ours, to ‘hide’ our GPS/GSM units in such a way, that the units will receive sufficient GPS signals to operate properly (such as though materials of glass, fiber bumper, back shelf, etc.). We kindly request you to observe these required characteristics before purchasing one of our GPS/GSM vehicle tracking systems. Especially, when the GPS/GSM unit have to be concealed outside the target vehicle and/or without knowledge of the driver!

(Car) Following Systems

This is the most compact and portable GPS/GSM car tracking system on the market available. The mini GSM/GPS box only measures 6x4x3 cm. including rechargeable battery. Provided with powerful magnet. The supplied normal functioning PDA GSM telephone features a custom tracking software programme, specially developed under supervision of our Spy-Shop and provides detailed maps of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Maps of other countries available by special order. By one push on the “Hiper-II” icon, this telephone will be transformed into a tracking system that will not to be equalled as far as simplicity and mobility is concerned.

    By the push of a button, a signal will be transmitted from the telephone to the GPS/GSM device. Approx. 15 seconds after, a detailed city map will appear on the display of the phone. The zoom-in feature enables the user to determine the vehicle’s position to ‘house number level’ (with a maximum deviation of 8 meters).
    when ‘auto-report’ function has been switched on, the GPS/GSM unit automatically will send it’s position to the mobile phone. Adjustable time interval from 1 minute up to 60 minutes per transmitted position. Max. storage capacity 200 positions per ‘auto-report’ cycle. This feature can be useful for review afterwards.
  • 'PARKING':
    once the Park function is launched, the GPS/GSM unit will ‘warn’ the user of the mobile phone that the car, motorbike, etc. has moved more than 100 meters from the original parking space by means of an audible alert signal and next will display it’s position(s). A useful feature when the user of the "Hiper-II" will be informed that (and when) the car leaves.
    when in emergency circumstances, the bearer of the GPS/GSM device can press the on board ‘Panic Button’ on the GPS/GSM unit (risk of kidnapping, threat, security officers, skiers, etc.). In this case, the owner of the mobile phone will be warned by an audible signal while, at the same moment, the exact location of the ‘victim’ will be displayed on the map.

The "Hiper-II" offers the possibility to track 2 or more (max. 10) vehicles at the same time with one mobile phone only. Extra GPS/GSM devices can be supplied against additional charge. The GPS/GSM devices are supplied with a built-in rechargeable battery (stand-by operating time approx. 24 hours). The package also includes a waterresistant battery holder fitting 4 pcs. quick replaceable ‘D-Cell’ batteries (6 volt) and is provided with 2 powerful magnets. The battery holder can, for example, be attached underneath the Target vehicle and be plugged in the GPS/GSM unit. Once the battery pack is connected to the GPS/GSM device, the (stand-by) operating time amounts to 18 days. Standard accessories include a water- and shockproof Pelican store case with all necessary accessories. The mobile phone itself will be supplied with all original fittings, of course. If desired, after purchase the set can be put into action immediately. Both mobile phone and GPS/GSM units are fully charged and provided with activated pre-paid simcards.

(Car) Following Systems

For the specifications and possibilities of the "Hiper-Pet" we refer to the previous model "Hiper-II". The "Hiper-Pet" device has been built inside a water resistant (animal) collar. Safe and comfortable to wear for dogs etc. from 15 Kg. Stand-by battery time 24 hours. The package includes the mobile phone as described above. You can retrace your dog etc. wherever you are and whenever you want. Customized versions built inside a belt to retrace patients, lost children etc. available on request. Please call for more information.

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