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SpyShop Amsterdam Catalogus 2011

Spyshop Amsterdam

We provide you with 39 years of experience (from1978)!


  • spyshop-video-RTL-koffietijdThe P.S.S. Spy-Shop, established in Amsterdam (no branch shops elsewere!), is the very first, largest and most ‘famous Spy-Shop’ since 33 years in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The P.S.S. Spyshop is widely known and among other acted in 32 National and International TV programmes.
  • We can deliver more than 300 Spy products directly from stock!
  • We welcome you to visit our 2 High-Tech showrooms
  • (Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment!)
  • In urgent matters you can also call us after office hours on number: (+31) (0)20-6850285 or (+31) (0)20-6123123. Our fax number is (+31) (0)20-6166543
  • spyshop-video-RTL-boulevardOur fax-number+ is (020) 6166543.
  • Special trained outdoor service technicians are available all over The Netherlands and Belgium to perform an accurate investigation of your house, business premises, vehicle, etc. in order to be sure no bugging devices have been fitted. We also offer a continuous check to see if your telephone, fax- and data line(s) is/are safe. If desired, during the weekend, evenings or even at night! We use the most advanced digital counter-measuring systems in the world and your ‘sweeping’ inquiries are always treated confidentially. Prices on request.


SpyShop Amsterdam Voor alle Spy Producten

Postjesweg 41+ 47, 1057 DV Amsterdam - HOLLAND

An overview of our products and services

Mobile Spy Phones spy phones: different types and functions
GSM Spy Products ... provided in clock radio, attache case, etc.
GPS Car Following without registration, hand-held types
Video Spy Phone mobile phone with real-time video monitoring
Counter Surveillance detects transmitters, (spy) cameras, spy phones, GPS car following systems, etc.
Anti Bugging Devices better safe than sorry!
Mini-Transmitters transmitters in many models and types
Micro Spy Recorders spy recorders up to 36 hours of audio recording.
Telephone Recorders concealed, analog & ISDN versions available
Mobile Phone Recorders discreetly records in-and outgoing GSM calls
PC Spy Products remote install, stealth software & key-loggers
Directional Microphones picks up conversations up to 100 meters
Concrete microphones ’listening through walls, etc.’
Voice Changer selects 9 different voices by (mobile) phone
Mobile Crypto GSM 100% tap proof crypto mobile cell phones
Thermal cameras generaties 1, 2 en 3 & digitale nachtkijkers
Voice Stress Analysers lie detectors
Invisible inksets  
2-Way Radio’s wide transmitting range and tap proof
Bulletproof clothing vests, jackets, shirts, etc. (4 protection levels)
Lockpick sets   electric lockpick
Spy Cameras & Video Recorders wide assortment call for available models
Spy Cameras Wired and wireless concealed inside jacket, glasses, pen, button, clock, etc (wired ánd wireless versions)
Fibre Bore-Scopes various models and lengths.
Complete Video Surveillance Systems undercover CCTV wired and wireless models
Sweeping Services: Our outdoor sweeping specialists are trained professionals with many years of experience. Our field of activities include Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Make sure no bugging devices have been fitted in your room, office, vehicles, on your telephoneline, etc. Investigations also possible in the evenings or (if required) even at night.
100% discreetly and 29 years of experience!




Mobile Jammers:

sales (within EC) not allowed!
delivery only and exclusively from and to countries located outside (western) europe.

GPS Jammers:
sales (within EC) not allowed!

Traffic Radar Detectors::
sales within Holland not allowed!

Even in case we do not show the product(s) you’re looking for, it may be useful to contact us.

Spyhop Amsterdam - Postjesweg 41+ 47, 1057 DV Amsterdam - The Netherlands